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Happy Hour Cocktail: Edible Flowers, Creativity and Joy

Happy Hour Cocktail
Photo by © Veermasterberlin

So, what is a Happy Hour Cocktail?

Many might think that its cheap drinks at the bar! Others might think that its cocktails that you drink in your happy times! Happy Hour Cocktails for me is more like the latter.

In this article we will explore this connection between happiness, edible flowers, and cocktails. There’s something deeply joyful about the fusion of happiness and the beauty of flowers, especially when you use edible flowers for cocktails.

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Happy Hour Cocktail with Edible Flowers

Happiness to me is anything to do with flowers and especially if they are edible!

And even better when you have cocktails with edible flowers!

Using edible flowers for cocktails can be a way of expressing joy in a creative way, by making a special drink look extra special.

I find joy in seeing beautiful vibrant edible flowers being used to garnish cocktails.

Happy Hour Cocktail with edible flowers
Photo by © Veermasterberlin

Using Edible Flowers for Cocktails to Create Artistic Masterpieces

One individual who has really showcased the art of crafting Happy Hour Cocktails with edible flowers is Punit Thakur, a chef by profession and an artistic creative mixologist.

He has developed a strong following on Instagram @Veermasterberlin with his amazing and beautiful cocktail creations. He creates stunning cocktail recipes using homemade syrups and liqueurs and has an extraordinary talent in using edible flowers for cocktail garnish.

“It is my hobby, my passion, and my happy place. I create cocktail recipes based on the unique homemade syrups and liqueurs. Most important for me is the unique garnish, which is mostly flowers and fruits, and sometimes special accessories. I’m a glassware lover and try to find unique glasses from around the globe.”
Punit Thakur

Punit’s cocktails have become well renowned around the world for both the cocktail recipe as well as the floral cocktail garnishes.

Each cocktail he crafts tells a story.

The beautiful and often meaningful concoctions are more than just a drink. They are also artistic masterpieces and a form of self-expression.

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Happiness is…..

And this is his offering to Happy Hour Cocktails garnished with edible flowers.

“Happiness isn’t something you’re given.

It’s something that comes from your actions, from your mindset – from within. It begins with you.

And I am very happy about today’s cocktail.

You remember yesterday?

If not, don’t bother looking back 😋

I look forward, head high and smile in my face.

And I am happy to have another cocktail creation to share with you”

“Happy Zappy” Cocktail Recipe

  • Gin @veermasterberlin
  • Homemade Caramel Apple Ginger Syrup
  • Blanc Vermouth
  • Banana Liqueur
  • Orange Bitter
  • Egg White

    In a Shaker
  • Add all the ingredients
  • Add Ice
  • Shake for 30 secs
  • Double Strain
  • Garnish and Serve

Glassware:- Depot in Kiel @depot_online
Garnish:- Pink Yarrow, Forget me not, Marigold, Pink Corn Flower.

Cocktail with edible flower garnish
Photo by © Veermasterberlin

How To Garnish Cocktails with Edible Flowers

Garnishing cocktails with edible flowers is a truly delightful way of making this drink look REALLY special!

Punit shares how he creates his incredible edible flower cocktail garnishes:

“First step to make a cocktail flower garnish is to choose the right sized flowers and then think about how they look on top of the glass or on the rim. The combination of different colors and sizes of flowers makes the garnish more beautiful. This is a long process, my garnishes need time, time to grow, time for nourishment.”

This “Happy Zappy Cocktail” is garnished delicately with small single florets of Forget Me Not and pink Yarrow, and with single petals of Marigold and pink Corn Flower (also known as Bachelor Buttons).

Each of these flowers has a special symbolism that contributes to the Happy Hour Cocktail.

Using a pair of tweezers, each little floret and petal can be delicately positioned in exactly the place you want. And there are no limits to your creativity.

This beautifully delicate cocktail garnish design flows over the edge of the glass. For me I see this as joy and happiness overflowing into other areas of my life.


Edible Flowers Used in This Happy Hour Cocktail Garnish

Forget Me Not flowers (Myosotis sylvatica) are very cute little flowers, growing in small pretty florets.

They are traditionally known to represent remembrance, true love, and devotion.

So, a very fitting edible flower to use to garnish this Happy Hour Cocktail.

Cornflowers also known as Bachelor Buttons (Centaurea cyanus) also have a symbolic association with love and happiness.

The folklore story goes that these brightly colored flowers were worn by young men who were in love to test whether their love was reciprocated or not.

If the color faded quickly then that was the sign that the man’s love was in vain! 

pink cornflower for cocktail garnish
marigold edible flower for cocktail garnish

Marigolds (Tagetes patula) are bright sunny and cheerful flowers and are well known for its symbolism in the Hindu culture.

They are associated with the gods Vishnu and Lakshmi – known as the “ideal couple”.

Marigolds play a big role in Hindu weddings for this reason, as a symbol of happiness and positivity for the bridal couple.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is also associated with love and bravery.

It’s symbolism is derived from Achilles, who was a warrior hero in Greek mythology, and is a symbol of bravery, courage, and healing.

pink yarrow flower for cocktail garnish

Bring Symbolism and Meaning to Your Happy Hour Cocktail with an Edible Flower Garnish

Using edible flowers as garnishes for your cocktails can go beyond just aesthetics and flavor. It can introduce a layer of symbolism and meaning to your happy hour cocktails. Experimenting with different flower varieties allows you to tailor your drinks to suit various occasions and seasons.

So, as you raise your cocktail glass beautifully decorated with carefully chosen edible flowers, remember that you’re not just enjoying a cocktail but also a subtle, symbolic language that adds depth and character to your happy hour drink

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