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Honeybee Edible Blooms: Bundaberg Edible Flower Supplier


Where Can You Buy Edible Flowers in Bundaberg QLD?

If you’re wondering where to buy edible flowers in Bundaberg QLD, I have the answer for you right here!

Honeybee Edible Blooms is the local Bundaberg edible flower supplier in QLD and can supply fresh and dried edible flowers to both local and interstate markets.

Bundaberg Edible Flower Supplier

lucinda bell bundaberg edible flower supplier

Lucinda Bell is the owner of Honeybee Edible Blooms and has her little patch  of paradise in Bundaberg. This is where she grows her fresh edible flowers and spreads the joy of flowers to the local cake makers and café owners.

You can use her edible flowers for decorating cakes, cupcakes, desserts and as a garnish for drinks and cocktails.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lucinda and visiting her wonderful flower patch. She is so passionate about what she does that she can’t keep the smile off her face when she talks about flowers!

Flowers bring a smile to anyone who sets their eyes on them, no matter how large or small. It’s an infectious joy that you can’t help feeling when you see the beautiful blooms, and this is what Lucinda wants to spread.

This is what I love about meeting fellow “floraholics”! They just want to be around flowers and share the joy they get from them.

fresh edible flowers

The Creation of a Joyful Business in Edible Flowers

The story of how Honeybee Edible Blooms came to be is interesting and just shows where a love for flowers can take you.

Lucinda was a wedding florist for many years before COVID arrived and changed everything. Weddings almost stopped and the supply of fresh flowers became a nightmare.

So, she started to look for something else that she could do.

blue banded bee

During a visit to her sister on the Sunshine Coast, Lucinda saw her first blue banded bee which is native to Australia.

The fascination she had for these bees led her on a journey of how to attract these bees into her garden at home in Bundaberg.

She started to use some edible flowers to decorate cakes for the café where she worked, which she had grown herself.

This was creating interest and so she decided that she could do this on a larger scale and supply more outlets. At the same time the flowers would attract these native bees to her garden as well.

And so, Honeybee Edible Blooms was born and has become Bundaberg edible flower supplier! 

And now this little business is now growing from strength to strength.

edible flower cupcakes from Honeybee Edible Blooms

Edible Flowers Growing Abundantly in Bundaberg QLD

More and more planter boxes full of small edible flower seedlings are being placed on the property and the selection of flowers is growing. The current selection includes miniature roses, calendula, daisies, violas, pansies, alyssum, cosmos, dianthus, and gem marigolds.

Honeybee Edible Blooms has emerged as a vibrant local source of an exquisite array of edible flowers, which are supplied locally and throughout Queensland and NSW.

You can place your orders on the website or through Facebook and Instagram

All excess flowers that are not sold go into the dehydrator for dried flower confetti or sprinkles. And are mixed into various color combinations for decorating cakes as well as drinks and cocktails. These are also available online.

mixed dried edible flowers

So just from a pure love of flowers Honeybee Edible Blooms has become the Bundaberg edible flower supplier and is flourishing, thanks to local support and a desire to share joy!

After meeting Lucinda and spending time with her in her garden you can just feel her joy and her happiness about flowers is infectious!

Flowers make everyone smile, and that’s the joy that Lucinda shares.

honeybee edible blooms
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