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Mocktails That Aren’t Sweet: Full of Fun, Flavor and Flowers

mocktails that aren't sweet
Photo © Veermasterberlin

This post will give you some ideas and provide some mocktail recipes for mocktails that aren’t sweet.

And to make it extra special they can be garnished with edible flowers for drinks.

A common complaint about mocktails is their sweetness. But with a little ingenuity, you can tailor the taste to your preference. Many mocktail recipes offer a variety of flavours that are not overly sweet, making them a good choice for those that prefer a more balanced palette and a little more creativity than fruit juice and lemonade.

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Why Choose Mocktails That Aren't Sweet?

There’s plenty of reasons to choose mocktails that aren’t sweet. Firstly, they are a safe and responsible alternative to alcohol. They’re the ideal option for designated drivers, pregnant women (and supportive family members), people in recovery and those who simply choose not to drink alcohol.

No explanation needed if you prefer a mocktail rather than a cocktail!

And they have become uber trendy and popular!

Mocktail by veermsterberlin
Photo © Veermasterberlin

A Specially Created Mocktail Recipe

Many people prefer mocktails that aren’t sweet. This specially created mocktail recipe is one made for those who like natural juices which are flavorsome but not sweet.

Punit Thakur from @veermasterberlin is a maestro mixologist who also likes to consider our friends who prefer non alcoholic drinks. He understands that they still want to experience the wonderful flavors and edible flower garnishes that he creates for his cocktails – but without the alcohol.

This is Punit’s mocktail which he has called “Zauberschön” which means “enchanting and magical like” in German.

“Who doesn’t like a healthy and beautiful drink – in this case even without alcohol. It’s dedicated to those who wish to have a non-alcoholic drink for the middle of the week.

And my wife had an idea to create a drink for them.

So here it is.”

"This one is to brighten your grey and rainy days, the colorful flowers and the healthy ingredients are fresh and will make you happy instantly. So this one also is for all the beautiful people around the world who need a break from daily hectic life”
Punit Thakur

”Zauberschön” Mocktail Recipe


  • Homemade Apple Blossom Begonia Ginger Syrup
  • Fresh Coconut Water
  • Fresh Green Coriander
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Sparkling Water


In a Shaker

  • Add all the ingredients except sparking water
  • Add ice cubes
  • Shake till cold enough
  • Fill glass with crushed ice
  • Strain and top up with sparking water

    Garnish:- Yarrow Flower, Mini Carnation (Clove flower), Apple Blossom Begonia, Spiderwort, Coriander leaves, and topped with a Cherry.
    Glassware:- From Paris

For more recipes also see: Floral Mocktail Recipe With Edible Flowers 

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Ideas on Decorating Fun and Sophisticated Mocktails with Edible Flowers

We all know that tasting starts with the eyes, and beautifully garnished mocktails are even more enjoyable, especially when they are garnished with edible flowers. These edible flower garnishes will enhance both the visual beauty and the taste of your mocktails.

There are no right or wrong ways to garnish a mocktail with edible flowers. It can be on top of the drink, attached to the glass with edible glue, or around the bottom like the example above.

You could choose a delicate design using small single florets, or a bold signature flower or a small arrangement. Sometimes it’s enough to pop some soft petals floating on the top of a drink. Also add in some green leaves to your design. The contrast in both shape and texture adds to the attraction.

Be guided by the edible flowers you have available. If you’re not sure which flowers are edible, then take a look here for a list of edible flowers with pictures.

The edible flowers that have been used to garnish the mocktail recipe above have been chosen as they create a happy and joyous expectation, and the flavor matches the lack of sweetness in the mocktail.

The Best Edible Flowers to Use For Your Mocktails That Aren't Sweet

pink and white yarrow edible
Detail taken from Photo © Veermasterberlin

Yarrow: blooms with little clusters of white or pink flowers, which can be used either in florets or pick off the tiny flowers and place singularly. These flowers taste a bit like liquorice, with a naturally sweet flavor with a slightly bitter finish. Many think it’s similar to anise or tarragon.

Mini Carnation (also sometimes known as Pinks or Clove Flower): these small, pretty flowers have a subtle spicy flavour similar to cloves. Hence why it’s sometimes known as the Clove Flower. They are wonderfully versatile as a garnish, being attractive either as a petal or as a whole flower.

mini carnation clove flower edible garnish
Detail taken from Photo © Veermasterberlin
begonia edible flower garnish for mocktails
Detail taken from Photo © Veermasterberlin

Begonia (also sometimes known as Apple Blossom Begonia): these delightful little flowers are commonly grown in gardens. The flowers have a lovely crisp fresh texture with a juicy citrusy flavor and can be used whole.

Virginia Spiderwort: another common flower often found in gardens. The flowers are a striking blue color with bright yellow stamens and will create a great color contrast  as seen in the garnish above. The petals are wonderfully crisp and have a hint of floral sweetness.

virginian spiderwort edible flower garnish for mocktails
coriander cilantro flower

Coriander: The leaves have been used in the garnish above, providing a good textural and color contrast to the flowers. You can also use coriander flowers, which are simple white flowers and have a slightly less pungent taste than the leaves.

Mocktail Recipes For "Fun" Mocktails That Aren’t Sweet

Don’t think just because it doesn’t have alcohol that a mocktail can’t be fun! On the contrary!

Check these out – even the names are fun!

Mocktails with Ginger Beer

mocktails with ginger beer garnished with edible flowers

This mocktail is called a “Moscow Mule”!

Moscow Mules are popular overseas these days and are often served in a copper mug. Apparently they are called ‘mules’ because the ginger gives them a kick!

  • 2 tbsp lime juice (muddle with some mint leaves if desired or simply garnish with mint)
  • 250 ml non-alcoholic ginger beer
  • Soda water to taste (and fill the mug)

Garnish – mint and a lime wedge are traditional but this drink cries out for more. Add some bright pansies or nasturtiums to give the drink a delightful anticipation.

No Tequila Sunrise

no tequila sunrise with orchid garnish

The secret to this delight is NOT to shake or stir it so you get the ‘sunrise’ effect!

  • Dash of grenadine (check the label as some brands contain a small amount of alcohol)
  • ice cubes
  • 250 ml orange juice
  • 125 ml pineapple juice
  • soda water (if desired)

Put the grenadine in the glass. Add ice cubes. Fill the glass with two parts orange juice and one part pineapple juice. Add soda water if desired

Garnish – don’t forget to really go to town with the edible flowers garnish on this one – the more colourful and prettier, the better! Try a colorful orchid, bee balm (monarda) or red pentas florets floating on the top.

Experiment with Recipes for Mocktails That Aren't Sweet

Like cocktails, mocktails can enhance any social situation. Mocktails that aren’t sweet are a delicious, non-alcoholic alternative to cocktails and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Experiment with your mocktails recipes – try sweet, sour, spicy – any taste that you can imagine can be enjoyed in a mocktail.

Taste with your eyes as well as your mouth and don’t forget the edible flower garnish!

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