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Where to buy the best edible flowers

Due to the increasing popularity of using edible flowers, there are organic flower farms that are specifically growing flowers you can eat. As its not always possible to grow your own edible flowers, you’re probably asking where can I buy edible flowers? Ask at your local independently owned fruit and veg store as they often have contacts with local producers. Many farmers markets also supply edible flowers if there is a local grower.

I’ve also found that Instagram is a great place to find growers and suppliers #edibleflowers

The information supplied here was correct at time of research. As we all know, we live in an everchanging world, so hopefully the details are still relevant at the time of you reading this

Where to buy edible flowers - Australia

Here are a few organic edible flower growers that I have come across that have inspired me with their beautiful blooms.

Where to buy edible flowers in Queensland

Where to buy edible flowers in Far North Queensland

Where to buy edible flowers in Victoria

Where to buy edible flowers in New South Wales

Where to buy edible flowers in Western Australia

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Where to buy edible flowers in Queensland

Pretty Produce is a chemical-free flower farm located near Canungra in the Scenic Rim, Queensland. The couple that run this farm have a beautiful story and vision, and it’s worth checking out their website. They grow a huge variety of edible flowers and unusual leaf edibles which are available on line. Pretty Produce also produces a wonderful portfolio of pressed flowers which are mainly used in cake decoration. Check them out on Instagram @pretty.produce

Basilea Farm is situated in the urban region of Burpengary, Queensland and grows a variety of gourmet greens and herbs as well as edible flowers. They sell various sizes of edible flower packs which can be used in cake decorating or drink and cocktail garnishes. Check them out on Instagram @basilealivingherbs

Organica Floret is a chemical free certified, bee friendly rose farm committed to the growing specialty roses, edible flowers, herbs and rose honey. They are situated in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland. Their blooms are available fresh and dried. At Organica Floret Rose Farm the produce is garden grown using a strict organic, chemical and spray free regime and sustainable farm and gardening practices. The roses, herbs and edible flowers are harvested daily. Available on line. Check them out on Instagram @organicafloret.rosesfarm

Ecobotanica is a small boutique business in Capalaba, Queensland, which has a finger in nearly all floral pies! They have a large edible flower garden from which they supply the local market. I would also recommend the book “A Delicious Bunch” which is a recipe book dedicated to edible flowers and is available on their website. In addition to recipes this book also incorporates much information about edible flowers and how to grow them. Check them out on Instagram @ecobotanica

Nurtured Greens grow and supply local organic micro greens and edible flowers to the Sunshine Coast area of Coolum Beach. Contact them on Instagram @nurturedgreens

So Crisp is a primary fresh produce wholesale merchant within the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea. They are the local distributor for the edible flower grower Julatten Earth Food.

Where to buy edible flowers in Far North Queensland

Julatten Earth Food is situated in Far North Queensland, at the foot of Mount Lewis. Julatten has a slightly elevated altitude so the climate is cooler and less humid than nearby coastal regions such as Cairns. This is ideal for growing an extensive list of edible flowers without the use of pesticides or fungicides. Julatten Earth Food supplies their edible flowers to the public and wholesalers countrywide. Contact them on Instagram @julattenearthfood

Wholesale orders for edible flower punnets can be supplied Australiawide. Currently the local distributors for Julatten Earth Food are: Simon George & Sons in Cairns, So Crisp at the Brisbane Markets and Coolibah Salad at the Sydney Markets

Where to buy edible flowers in Victoria

Bloomish Co grow all their flowers organically on the farm in Swan Hill, Victoria. They supply edible flowers in a revolutionary new freeze dried form. This method of preserving flowers has fantastic results as the freeze drying process allows the flowers to maintain their fresh form and colour. This means that dried edible flowers look as beautiful on your cake as they do in the garden. It also means that you can store your flowers safely in the pantry until you need them. They have a large variety of freeze dried edible flowers are available on line and also ship worldwide. I have personally purchased a number of their little jars of freeze dried flowers. and I can’t recommend them highly enough. These jars also make a fantastic gift for any home cook as they keep so well. Customer service is 10/10 as well! Check them out on Instagram @bloomishco

Petite Ingredient are growers of edible flowers in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. They supply both fresh edible flowers and preserved petals. Available on line and delivered to you in punnets protected and surrounded by a cold pack. Check them out on Instagram @petite_ingredient

Flowerdale Farm supply the Melbourne area with a variety of organically grown fresh edible flowers. Their flowers can be purchased from David Jones Foodhall, Lower Ground, 299 Bourke Street Melbourne 3000. or
Fruits on Coventry, Shop 46-48 South Melbourne Markets, 3205. Check them out on Instagram @flowerdalefarm

Foraged Flavour is a boutique edible flower farm in the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges, just outside Melbourne. You can purchase their flowers online and they will express post your order to you in an insulated and iced parcel. They also supply dried edible flowers and floral jams and syrups. Check them out on Instagram @foraged_flavour

Sprout House Farms is located in Drumcondra, Geelong in Victoria. They grow all of their produce organically and in the open sun, with seeds that are certified 100% organic. Orders can be placed on-line and will be delivered to your door in all Australian States except WA and Tasmania. Their flowers are harvested on the day of dispatch and have a refrigerated shelf life of 2 weeks from harvest date. Check them out on Instagram @sprouthousefarms

Where to buy edible flowers in New South Wales

Hidden Valley Harvest are situated in Woy Woy on the Central Coast in NSW. They are specialist edible flower growers and will take orders by email. Check them out on Instagram @hiddenvalleyharvest_au

Bloom Edible Flowers grow their edible flowers on a 105 acre property (Green Cauldren Farm) in Tyalgum, NSW. The rich, fertile volcanic soils in the region of the Tweed Volcano Caldera where the farm is situated, are ideal for growing a stunning variety of flowers. Check them out on Instagram @bloomedibleflowersau

The Harris Farm Markets are located throughout the Sydney area, and they stock punnets of edible flowers. These can also be ordered online. When on the product search for “edible flowers”

Coolibah Salad are local distributors for Julatten Earth Food and have stock of edible flowers at the Sydney Markets. They can be found at 108 B Shed, Flemington Markets, Sydney.

Where to buy edible flowers in Western Australia

The Sweetest Petal supply edible flowers in the Perth area. They take orders on-line. Check them out on Instagram @thesweetestpetal

Little Green Scene is a Perth based herb and edible flower farmer. Check them out on Instagram @littlegreenscene

I will continue to research these growers and suppliers and update this list