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About Annie Albers from Flowers You Can Eat

Annie Albers Flowers you can eat

Hi I’m Annie!

I live in Brisbane, QLD in Australia and Flowers You Can Eat was born out of my lifelong love of flowers.

If you’ve had a browse around this site you’ve probably guessed by now that flowers bring me joy! My hope is that  this website will help you to feel that joy!

 I feel there is a magic in flowers, which brings a joy and something wonderful and special to the moment.

So I hope that you will find something in that inspires you to experiment and explore creative ideas of using florals in food and drink presentations.


How did Flowers You Can Eat Start?

As a self-confessed “floraholic”, I have always loved anything floral. And that includes flowers you can eat!

My interest in edible flowers started some 10 years ago when I saw restaurants and speciality cafes using flowers for garnish. This trend has now spread, and edible flowers are being used regularly by local cafes, cake makers and in everyday entertaining.

It has led me to do extensive research over the last 10 years, into which flowers you can eat, and to look at ideas of all the different ways you can use them to make our dishes look a million dollars!

Seeing simple, yet stunning edible flowers on your plate can create a mindful approach to eating.

I find it creates a soul connection to flowers and makes my everyday food just that much more pleasurable. I always feel an excitement when I see flowers making food look beautiful.

Annie Albers in her edible flower garden
edible rose petals

Growing Up with Flowers

As a young child I loved being in the garden growing flowers. I was never interested in anything that didn’t have a pretty flower! (My older brother used to enjoy growing vegetables – how boring!!). My love of flowers continued into my adult hood, and I have created beautiful gardens wherever I have lived.

Most of the flowers I have grown in my gardens over the last 30 years, are edible flowers – if only I had realized this years ago!

To bring the art of growing flowers and then using them to create a wonderful experience at the table has filled me with a renewed motivation and enthusiasm for our floral world and in particular flowers you can eat.

When we see a flower on our plate, we tend to push it to one side and think we can’t or shouldn’t eat them.  

Yes – flowers CAN be eaten and will complement the dish with colour, texture, and flavor.

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