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Butterfly Pea Flower Cocktail: A Fascinating Drink

The Butterfly Pea Flower Cocktail is a beautiful and delightful concoction that will leave you intrigued. Get ready to be captivated by its unique charm. I’ll reveal all the key components in this post, enabling you to make this captivating drink with ease.

The butterfly pea flower, a stunning blue blossom that comes from South-east Asia, has long been used in traditional treatments and dishes. But recently, it has gained enormous popularity because of its capacity to turn commonplace cocktails into fascinating pieces of art.

You need explore no further than the intriguing world of butterfly pea flower cocktails the next time you want to impress your guests with a genuinely exceptional beverage.

The Butterfly Pea Flower has become one of the most fascinating edible flowers for drinks and cocktails.

What is the Butterfly Pea Flower?

blue butterfly pea flower

The butterfly pea flower, scientifically known as Clitoria ternatea, is a unique blue flower that can be grown in any sub-tropical garden.

This beautiful flower has been valued for centuries for its medicinal properties and has also found its way into the culinary world. 

Aside from its mesmerizing color, the butterfly pea flower is also one of those flowers you can eat! It is commonly used in traditional dishes and teas across Southeast Asia.

What Does Blue Butterfly Pea Taste like?

Blue Butterfly Pea has a bland flavor, if anything its slightly woody, a little like a tea. Because of this you can use in any way without compromising the flavor of your dish or drink.

You can brew the flower into teas, use it as a natural food dye, or incorporate it into desserts and mocktails. It will add a touch of real elegance to your dishes.

Infuse Color with Butterfly Pea Flowers

One of the fascinating aspects of the butterfly pea flower is its color-changing properties. It’s like a botanical chameleon!

When you steep the petals of the butterfly pea flower in water or alcohol, they release an eye-catching blue pigment.

But here’s where it gets even more intriguing: add a splash of citrus and watch the magic happen!

The blue elixir transforms into vibrant shades of purple and pink, leaving you in awe of nature’s color-changing powers.

Understanding the Color-Changing Wonders of the Butterfly Pea Flower

Have you ever wondered how the butterfly pea flower can magically change colours? Let’s explore the fascinating science underlying this remarkable phenomenon.

The secret lies in a type of natural pigments called anthocyanins, which are responsible for of the flower’s eye-catching colours and fascinating colour changes. The butterfly pea flower’s magnificent blue and purple hues are produced in large part by anthocyanins, water-soluble pigments from the flavonoid family.

The butterfly pea flower’s colour changes depending on the pH of the liquid it comes into contact with. The flower’s anthocyanin pigments are released when submerged in water or alcohol, revealing a vivid blue tint. This is due to the typically neutral or slightly acidic pH of these liquids

butterfly pea drink blue
butterfly pea drink pink

The Play of pH Levels

And this is where it gets really interesting!

It may sound like a chemistry lesson from school, but it is fascinating how the natural world works.

When an acidic substance like lemon juice is added to the mixture,things take an intriguing turn.

As the liquid’s pH drops and turns more acidic, the enthralling chemical reaction with the anthocyanins is triggered.

The outcome is a change in the molecular structure of the pigments, which results in a variety of different colours.

The butterfly pea flower’s beautiful display of color-changing brilliance captures our attention with its transformation of the once-vibrant blue into fascinating shades of purple.

In some instances, it will change into delicate colours of pink.

Creating Colorful Cocktails with Butterfly Pea Flower

Now you can get ready for a world of colorful cocktails with butterfly pea flowers! This versatile ingredient brings a touch of magic to your drinks.  

The flowers don’t need to be fresh. You can also use dried flowers with the same effect. In order to produce the blue water, steep the dried flowers in hot water and allow to cool.

To make the most of its color-changing properties, use acidic or citrus ingredients like lime or lemon juice. The flower’s pigments react to changes in pH, creating captivating transformations from blue to purple or pink.

For the best results, you should pair the butterfly pea flower with clear spirits or mixers that won’t interfere with the blue color.

If you don’t have any butterfly pea flowers and you’d love to try out some mixology then you can buy a kit and make up your own DIY Cocktail Bitters using butterfly pea flower cocktail syrup.

Let your creativity fly as you experiment with butterfly pea flower cocktails and create stunning visual experiences in every glass.

Cheers to vibrant sips!

Butterfly Pea Flower Cocktail Recipe

butterfly pea margarita

So are you ready to try to whip up a delightful Butterfly Pea Cocktail?

Follow these simple steps to create a mesmerizing Butterfly Pea Margarita cocktail experience: 


  • 2 oz tequila
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz orange liqueur
  • Butterfly pea flower-infused ice cubes
  • Lime wedge and butterfly pea flower for garnish


  1. Start by preparing the butterfly pea flower-infused ice cubes in advance. Steep butterfly pea flowers in boiling water for 30 minutes. Then strain the blue water, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. It will solidify into beautiful blue ice cubes. Trust me; they will add that magical touch to your drink!
  2. Take a cocktail shaker and combine tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and orange liqueur. Add a handful of regular ice cubes and shake vigorously to combine the ingredients.
  3. Fill your glass with the butterfly pea flower-infused ice cubes you prepared earlier. Doesn’t it look mesmerising!
  4. Strain the margarita mixture from the shaker in your glass. Watch as the vibrant blue color mingles with the ice.
  5. Give it a gentle stir to blend the colors and flavors. Squeeze a lime wedge over the top to add a zesty twist to your garnishing.

    Now, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your creation before sipping on your Butterfly Pea Margarita. Cheers to a truly magical drinking experience!

You can always play with this butterfly pea drink to suit your personal taste.

Also try other fascinating edible flowers that have extraordinary effects:

Check out Buzz Buttons in Cocktail Recipes. 

Try it! Its really fascinating!

Improving Butterfly Pea Flower Cocktails' Visual Delight with Creative Presentation and Garnishing

When it comes to garnishing and presentation, butterfly pea flower cocktails offer a fantastic opportunity to showcase your creativity.

Here are a few tips and examples to elevate the visual appeal of your drinks:

  • Flower Power: A fresh butterfly pea flower can be used as a garnish to make your drink the star of the show. Let it float on top of the strikingly blue liquid in the glass.
  • Citrus Spirals: Add slender spiral strips of citrus fruit, such as lemon, lime, or orange, to the glass rim to decorate it. Add these colorful spirals that can be skilfully arranged around the rim or draped over the edge.
  • Sugar Rims: Use colored sugar on the rim of the glass. Coat the rim with simple syrup or citrus juice, then dip the glass rim in colored sugar that matches the hues of the cocktail. This provides a touch of sweetness and a visually appealing decorative element.
  • Herb Sprigs: Use fresh herb sprigs, such as mint, basil, or rosemary, as garnishes to improve the flavor and aesthetic appeal of your cocktail. They provide a pleasant smell in contrast to the cocktail’s vivid colors.
  • Edible Flowers: Explore the world of edible flowers for drinks and cocktails to improve your cocktail’s visual appeal. Use eye catching flowers like pansies, violas, or marigolds that complement the colors of your drink.
  • Colorful Flower Ice Cubes: Use edible flower ice cubes to add a little of magic to your cocktail. They impress the eyes as well as the taste senses as they melt by revealing bursts of colour.

Keep in mind that garnishing and presentation are opportunities for you to showcase your creativity.

Have fun with different combinations of ingredients, and watch as your butterfly pea flower cocktail develops into an exquisite edible and artistic masterpiece.

Entering the Wonderful World of Butterfly Pea Flower Cocktails & Mocktails

Blue Lagoon Cocktail with butterfly pea
mystical mojito with butterfly pea

There are a tonne of other enticing butterfly pea flower cocktails and mocktails available in addition to the delicious Butterfly Pea Margarita.

Several great examples are provided below to get your mixology creations started:

  • Blue Lagoon: By adding butterfly pea flowers, you may give the traditional cocktail Blue Lagoon a modern twist. After shaking vodka, blue curaçao, and lemonade with ice in a shaker, strain the mixture into a glass with ice cubes that have been infused with butterfly pea flowers. Watch how it changes from a brilliant blue mixture to something intriguing.
  • Fairy Fizz: Elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice, butterfly pea flower-infused gin, and a dash of sparkling water are combined to create the whimsical and bubbly Fairy Fizz.

  • Enchanted Martini: Boost your martini experience with this unique twist by choosing an enchanted martini. Combine lychee liqueur, vodka with butterfly pea flower infusion, and a tiny bit of fresh lime juice. For a delicious cocktail, strain it into a martini glass that has been cooled.

  • Mystical Mojito:  Add a touch of mystery to the traditional mojito. In a glass, muddle fresh mint leaves and lime wedges. Then, add rum that has been infused with butterfly pea flowers, simple syrup, and a splash of soda water. For a genuinely striking drink, garnish it with a butterfly pea blossom and a mint sprig.

  • Lavender Lemonade: Combine the soothing scent of lavender with the exquisiteness of butterfly pea blossoms’ shifting colors. A lovely purple lemonade can be made by combining vodka that has been steeped with butterfly pea flowers, lavender syrup, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  • Butterfly Pea Lemonade Mocktail: Refresh yourself with a Blue Butterfly Pea floral lemonade mocktail. Simply add prepared blue ice cubes to your lemonade, decorate with a butterfly pea flower and a slice of lemon, and enjoy the refreshing combination of brilliant blue hues and zesty lemon flavors—a visually gorgeous summer cocktail.

The stunning color-changing qualities of the butterfly pea flower add a magical touch to these cocktails and mocktails. Its captivating shift from vivid blue to purple colours captivates not only the sight but also the taste receptors.

So, enter the fascinating world of butterfly pea flower cocktails and let your creativity shine, as you experiment with flavours and presentations, creating your own showstopper!

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